Meld creates immersive, interactive media experiences and motion graphics that move audiences emotionally and to action.
We're called Meld because we're curious about how the merging of diverse mediums can provide for new and exciting experiences.
We’re excited about the potential of collaboratively generated ideas, and we work tirelessly to realize those ideas to the highest standards. As we meld with our clients' teams, we absorb the passion and expertise of the topic at hand. This drives our ability to deliver works that go beyond the expected. Our dedication to the work is therefore not solely a benefit to our clients' success - it is in fact what we need as compassionate and creative individuals to thrive and grow and is the reason for our continued success.
Our edge is a combination of expertise in Art & Design, Motion, Live Action, Software Development, and Project Management. With 20+ years of media production for Advertising, Culture, Broadcast, Corporate Communications, and Government, we have the knowledge to exploit the tools at hand to tell the truly engaging stories of our day.
What we make
Augmented Reality • Virtual Reality • Games • Interactive Kiosks • Touch tables • Touch Walls • Mobile Apps • Live Action • Motion Graphics • Video • 2D Animation • 3D Animation • Graphic Design  
Words about our work
“The exhibit makes the best use of iOS devices that I’ve yet seen”
—Wired Geek Dad
“In my 30 years of designing museum exhibitions I have never been approached so regularly by museum visitors to congratulate us on a job so well done – most frequently they cite as the reason the many innovative ways in the exhibition to experience and learn. This is owing in large part to the media components for which Meld was responsible.”
— DAVE HOLLANDS, HEAD of Design Royal Ontario Museum
“10 must-see museum exhibits this summer! Hands-on iPad displays and augmented reality technology driven by Xbox Kinects make for an excitingly interactive experience. ”