Multi-user connect the continents game - like bumper cars, only better!
5 iPads act as local input devices for the visitors, while the big screen shows collective real-time progress of putting the puzzle pieces together.  Final result - amazing engagement, simple fun yet sophisticated graphics entice entire families to play together. Competition as collaboration is the best! 

We knew we did it right when we heard clapping and excited "yeahs" coming from a group of people in front of the kiosks.  Two seniors and three children of varying ages had assembled Gondwana,  a large prehistoric continent that was made up of Africa, South America, Antarcica, India, Australia — and the teeny tiny Madagascar.  This is the way the world was before the continents decided to start drifting around the globe and into their present positions.

Visitors stand in front of any of the five iPads which act as a controllers for the large continents on the big screen. They select the continent they want to match up, they rotate and move it around the others in order to get into correct position.
An extra special fuzzy moment in the experience is once participants realize that they are not competing with one another, but that they should work together to find the solution.
An iPad Timeline app allows visitors in search of focused exploration to move through the process of continental drift as well as to access relevant didactic content that teaches about this fascinating process and its impact on life.