Merging interpretive information into a VR-like experience by using the compass and gyroscope inherent to the iPads, and combining it with high quality animation of the dinosaurs in question, this exhibit is definitely one of our favourites. It's been written up in Wired as well, and Geek Dad called it "Best use of iOS technology I've seen" and named one of the top 10 attractions of 2013 by USA Today. We tend to agree!
The exhibit's focus on innovation on such a large scale, the largest ever developed by the ROM, provided our team with an invaluable canvas for exploration.
On June 23rd, the dinos exhibit launched in the Garfield Weston Exhibition Hall to much media and audience acclaim. The exhibit features 17 unusual and never-before-seen dinosaurs from the Southern Hemisphere, such as the theropod Suchomimus, the relatively small and feathered Rahonavis, the giant Futalognkosaurus, and our favourite horned-meat-eating bull, the Carnotaurus.
The exhibit culminates in the dramatic face-off between two of earth's most powerful carnivores - the familiar T-Rex and the incredible Giganotosaurus. Each plinth that supports these giant dinosaur casts, which were produced by Canada's Research Casting International, is equipped with Dino Viewer stations that allow visitors to move their "viewfinder" iPad around the cast and see a realistic, fully-skinned, animated dinosaur as well as to call up relevant information about their features.
We are thrilled at the amazing response the exhibit has garnered.

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