This interactive projection experience for the Canadian Museum of History in Ottawa became the central gathering place in the museum's summer 2018 exhibit: Medieval Europe - Power and Splendour.
In conjunction with the British museum, this exhibit features over 200 artifacts from the time of powerful monarchs and chivalric knights.
The concept for the interactive projection was to create a sculptural element resembling a well from which statues would emerge.  Selected figures would reveal a brief narrative didactic content culminating in larger than life photographic and animated projections of the locations related to the reign of the historical figures.
Custom Unity Water Shader
Further to the theme of the well concept is a reactive water layer simulating dynamic water movement as part of the user interface. The water layer provides an engaging and interactive storytelling element of the water surface within the well.  In order to achieve this effect a custom Unity shader was created to make the ripples and distortions on the figures appear as water. This was one of those fun design and development problems that we enjoyed solving.
What would be an innovative project without a few challenges? Time was tight on this exhibit with just 3 months from kickoff to install. Our process and production pipeline coupled with the exhibit team's ability to provide quick feedback was crucial to a successful delivery.
This is the first and only time the #medievalexhibit from the @Britishmuseum will display this exhibit in North America. This interactive is also one of the first to dedicate this much exhibit space to an interactive at the CMH.
Checkout the video below: